Saturday, November 14, 2015

[D&D:ATFF] Playable Races in My Campaign

I’ve decided that I want all player characters to be humans in this campaign, to reflect the idea of a world based on medieval Europe. However, for the sake of diversity, I’m allowing players to create characters using a few different D&D races. In this case, these different racial stats and abilities will just be representing different tribes or cultures of humans. Below are the D&D races I’m allowing, and a quick explanation of who they represent in the setting.

Human – “Briant”
The people of the southern lowlands. They are the most “civilized” Albirions, prone to building large towns or walled cities, establishing guilds, industries, and otherwise working ambitiously to advance their aims.

Dwarf – “Kint”
The people of the northern highlands. Theirs is a more pastoral culture, with a great emphasis on family loyalty, strength, and tenacity. They tend to spread out more than the Braints, and their livelihood comes from fishing and livestock.

Elf – “Grinsfolk”
The reclusive people of the deep woods. They live close to nature and still follow the old ways, giving their worship to the Three Good Siblings. They are distrustful of other folk, but are more and more being forced to interact with the larger world.

Goliath – “Tulag”
People of great stature and formidable strength that make their home in the Grimpeaks. They too still follow the old ways, and try to keep to themselves. If a Tulag leaves their mountain home to live among the other tribes, it is likely because they’re an outcast.

Halfling – “Street Kid”
As Briant cities grow, so does the disparity between the rich and the poor. Many street kids are appearing in the capital of Brentlian, seemingly without parents or homes, eking out a life through beggary and theft.

Half-Elf – “Leonine”
The people of Leonis pride themselves on their long history and their cultural achievements. The Leonine claim to be the blessed of Pelor and strive to share his light with the rest of the world.

Half-Orc – “Nold”
Fierce warriors that hail from their island dwelling, the Nolds are bold seafarers accustomed to taking what they want. With the newly united Albirion, they can no longer raid the coast with impunity, forcing them to pursue more amiable ways to interact with their neighbors.

Tiefling – “Saralyn”
These dark-skinned foreigners from the far south have a vast empire that controls many lands and resources. While unabashed conquerors, they are also eager merchants, ready to enrich their people by any means possible. They are quite exotic by Albirion standards, and therefore not easily trusted.


  1. This is an interesting way of giving us variety and working in the races while still having us all be officially human. I like it! ^_^

  2. Human "Briant" will be a fun way to stretch my abilities and step out of my comfort zone. You have really put so much into the info. Thanks!

    1. No problem. Crafting a setting is one of my favorite parts of starting a new campaign.