Saturday, November 14, 2015

[D&D:ATFF] Playable Classes in My Campaign

Another limit I am putting on player characters in my new RPG campaign is which classes they can play as. The purpose of this is to reinforce my ideas for the setting. Below is a list of playable classes. Each one is listed with its source/version and its combat role, along with a brief note on some of them.

A few of the classes are marked for "multi-class only". These are classes with more magical abilities. I don't mind if player's heroes have a touch of magic about them, but I want to keep this a low-fantasy setting to begin with. So if a player wants to make use of one of those classes, they'll have to choose one of the other classes as a base and then multi-class into one of the "multi-class only" classes by way of the appropriate feats.

Also of note, character options from the "Player's Option" and "Power" series of supplements are fine if they apply to classes on the list below.

[D&D:ATFF] Playable Races in My Campaign

I’ve decided that I want all player characters to be humans in this campaign, to reflect the idea of a world based on medieval Europe. However, for the sake of diversity, I’m allowing players to create characters using a few different D&D races. In this case, these different racial stats and abilities will just be representing different tribes or cultures of humans. Below are the D&D races I’m allowing, and a quick explanation of who they represent in the setting.

[D&D:ATFF] Setting Overview for New Campaign

So, my players have helped me decide on my next RPG campaign. I'll be running the "A Tale of Fae and Foe" campaign that I mentioned in my last post. For this campaign, I'm taking some of the common precepts of the default D&D 4th Edition setting and twisting them a little to create a world that feels more like medieval Europe. Below is a summary of the setting.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ideas for My Next RPG Campaign

I'm planning on starting another roleplaying game campaign in the next month or so, and right now I'm kicking around four different ideas for what to run. I believe each will pose its own challenges and present its own opportunities for fun and interesting roleplaying. Below are summaries of my ideas.