Saturday, November 14, 2015

[D&D:ATFF] Playable Classes in My Campaign

Another limit I am putting on player characters in my new RPG campaign is which classes they can play as. The purpose of this is to reinforce my ideas for the setting. Below is a list of playable classes. Each one is listed with its source/version and its combat role, along with a brief note on some of them.

A few of the classes are marked for "multi-class only". These are classes with more magical abilities. I don't mind if player's heroes have a touch of magic about them, but I want to keep this a low-fantasy setting to begin with. So if a player wants to make use of one of those classes, they'll have to choose one of the other classes as a base and then multi-class into one of the "multi-class only" classes by way of the appropriate feats.

Also of note, character options from the "Player's Option" and "Power" series of supplements are fine if they apply to classes on the list below.

Avenger (PH2) [Striker] – Agent of the Church of Pelor, maidens only
Cleric (PH1) [Leader] – Priest of the Church of Pelor
Cleric (Warpriest) [Leader] – Priest of the Church of Pelor

Barbarian (PH2) [Striker]
Barbarian (Berserker) [Defender/Striker]

Bard (PH2) [Leader] – Multi-classing only
Bard (Skald) [Leader] – steer towards martial powers

Druid (PH2) [Controller] - Multi-classing only
Druid (Sentinel) [Leader]

Fighter (PH1) [Defender]
Fighter (Knight) [Defender]
Fighter (Slayer) [Striker]

Paladin (PH1) [Defender] – Soldier of the Church of Pelor
Paladin (Cavalier) [Defender] – Soldier of the Church of Pelor

Ranger (PH1) [Striker]
Ranger (Hunter) [Controller]
Ranger (Scout) [Striker]

Rogue (PH1) [Striker]
Rogue (Thief) [Striker]

Runepriest [Leader] – Priest of Moradin

Seeker [Controller] – Multi-classing only

Sorcerer [Striker] – Multi-classing only

Swordmage [Defender] – Multi-classing only

Warden [Defender] – Multi-classing only

Warlock (PH1) [Striker] – Multi-classing only, Fey and Infernal Pacts only

Warlord (PH1) [Leader]

Wizard (PH1) [Controller] – Multi-classing only
Wizard (Witch) [Controller] – Multi-classing only

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