Friday, January 9, 2015

Games I'm Getting Rid Of

Below is a follow up to the video I posted yesterday. I apologize again for the poor audio.


  1. Hey there. I have really enjoyed both your videos and I look forward to hearing more about your super hero RPG. As to the games you are getting rid of - Just watching your video once I only picked up on "Chaos", thats a card game right? If its the one I'm thinking of then I am very interested in acquiring it. I need to relisten / re watch to catch the names of the other games you are getting rid of - got a bit mixed up with the ones you have already gotten rid of vs the ones you still have. Anyway - talk with you soon and I'm really glad to see your blog active again.

    1. Hey, thanks for your interest!

      For the sake of clarity, here is a list of games I'm looking to clear out of my collection. Most of these will likely be going up on ebay this Sunday.

      Age of War
      Ascension: Apprentice Edition
      Batt'l Kha'os
      Dixit (with 2 expansions)
      Dragons of Kir
      Say Anything
      No Thanks!
      Once Upon A Time
      Race for the Galaxy
      The Hobbit (Card Game; not to be confused with the LotR: The Card Game)
      Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

      A few I may have mentioned in my video, but have already gotten rid of were:

      Serenity RPG
      Nitro Dice

      If you're curious about any of these games, I suggest looking them up on

    2. Update: Age of War, Android, Dixit, Dragons of Kir, and Race for the Galaxy are sold.

  2. Thanks so much for the clarification! I will think about the list some - your eBay listing under your name or a user name?

    1. You can find all of my ebay listings here:

  3. I'll go ahead and post a link to the auctions in these comments after I put them up Sunday. In the meantime, if you would like to make an offer on anything I'd be happy to sell these games to friends at what would be my starting price on ebay. Just send me an email if there are any your interested in. I just sold Dixit to Truman.