Monday, October 8, 2012

Organizing My Star Wars Miniatures

Sorry for my lack of posts last week. I've been exceptionally busy with personal matters. I don't have enough time to write a proper post for today either, so I'll be doing a quick and easy post about organizing my Star Wars Miniatures game.

I have a huge collection of Star Wars Miniatures - nearly 5000 miniatures in total. I've been keeping them in a random assortment of cardboard boxes that I just happened to have on hand. I keep them in separate boxes divided by factions. These boxes were all different sizes, which made them difficult to store. Also, they weren't terribly efficient, as many of the boxes were a good bit larger than they needed to be for the specific groups of miniatures they were holding. Furthermore, because they were cardboard, and some of them are quite heavy, the tops would tend to get smashed in when you stacked them. I feared that this might eventually cause damage to the plastic miniatures.

So, the other day I bought some plastic Sterilite containers to store my miniatures in. These boxes are sturdier, which should help protect my miniatures better. They also stack really well, which will make them easier to store. An added perk is that the containers are clear plastic, so it will be easy to find the specific box I want at a glance. I also bought a new "card hotel" to hold the statistics cards that accompany the miniatures. This is a really convenient way to store a lot of game cards.

Overall, I'm not sure that the new arrangement actually reduces the space my collection occupies by very much. I'm a little disappointing in that. The new ease of stacking, and the other perks, do make the change worthwhile though, in my estimation. Also, it's just exciting to be organized. ^_^

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