Monday, September 17, 2012

New Games! (A Video Post)

Hey! I was super excited to get some new games the other day, so I decided to do a video in which I open up the new stuff and talk a little about what I got. I've broken it up into five different videos to make it more convenient for you, if you don't have the time or inclination to watch it all in one go. Enjoy!

[Edit: My reference to "Glorfindel" when talking about card art should be "Legolas". I don't know why I got their names confused there.]

[Edit: "How Bilbo stumped goblin in the real game" should be "how Bilbo stumped Gollum in the book". "If you've seen the books" should be "if you've read the books or seen the movies". My mouth was moving quicker than my brain, apparently.]

I hope you enjoyed the videos. Don't forget to leave me feedback in the comments. Thanks!


  1. All of the games sounded really interesting! I think I was especially excited to see the LotR expansions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, the LotR expansions are cool. Now that I have the card for Elrond, I'm thinking about the possibility of using him with his two sons and and his daughter in a deck. Not sure how practical that would be strategically, but it would be really cool thematically. ^_^

      Also, it would be interesting to build a strictly dwarven deck now that there are so many dwarf characters from the Hobbit expansion. Dwarves have never been my favorite of Tolkien's races, but it seems like there could be a lot of cool synergies among the dwarf cards.

    2. lol LotR never seemed to be about doing what was seemingly most strategic. Occasionally it's nice to play the game that way too! I look forward to getting a chance to play again!

      I will also say Netrunner sounded really interesting!

    3. Yeah, it would be fun to do a LotR game night some time. ^_^

      I played Netrunner with my brother yesterday and lost horribly. Ha ha! In the beginning I didn't really know what I was doing, and once I started to figure it out I just couldn't draw the right cards. This really is a game that you have to learn how to play right - it doesn't come by accident.

  2. I would say that most appealing to me would be X-wing. Strategic Combat is something that does that I do enjoy, and the way this is set up is like Battle Ship on a whole different level of mechanics.

    That would make Netrunner my second Choice, and for the same reason.

    For LotR, I may need to start at square one if I would get into that. In line with that, there's nothing i'm able say on how some of these would make effective combos, especially like taking down the Balrog.

    I am not much of hobby gamer at all, but I noticed elements in each of these that do catch interest.

    1. I played X-Wing for the first time this evening. It seemed a little slow in the beginning, but after a round or two things started to pick up. I never would have thought of comparing it to Battle Ship. I guess it is a bit like that, because you are trying to guess how your opponent is going to maneuver their ships and thus, where their ships are going to be, so that you can decide how to maneuver your own ships to line up a shot. I think it was a pretty fun game overall.

      I tried not to go into too much detail with the LotR expansions in my videos because they really are pretty meaningless if you're not familiar with the basics of the game. If you're a fan of the books/movies, and you enjoy cooperative strategy games, you would probably have fun with it if you got the chance to play it.

      With each person that I meet, I like to think that they're not much of a hobby gamer yet. Ha ha! OK, so I'm kind of joking, but I do try to get more people into hobby gaming as often as I can. Because, it is such a fun hobby but it really isn't something you can do a lot of on your own.