Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Game Idea] Phantom

From time to time I have a spark of an idea for a game, but it doesn't grow into a full-fledged concept. I'm going to post some of these ideas here just to share these ideas that may never be developed into a finished game. If I get a lot of positive feedback on these ideas I may do some further development on them. For the most part, though, I'm just curious to hear your thoughts on these.

Working Title: Phantom

The Phantom of the Opera  
Premise: A disfigured genius lives beneath the Paris Opera House, and is desperate to woo one of the budding actresses. He tries to manipulate the goings-on of the Opera House in order to advance the career of his beloved, while the manager tries to turn a profit and rid them self of the "Opera Ghost".

Concept: This is a game for 2 players. One plays the phantom, and the other the managers. At the beginning of each round, the phantom draws four cards from a deck that reveal which opera the public wants to see, and who they want to see in it. The phantom looks at all of these, but the manager does not. The phantom can make demands as to which opera the manager will put on and who they will cast in the various roles. The manager can decide to concede to the phantom's demands, or make his own choices. Then, the cards are revealed and the manager scores points based on how well the public received the show that was put on, and the phantom receives points if the show advanced the career of the actress he's trying to woo. Whoever reaches a certain number of points first wins.
The manager has more control over the show that's put on, but the phantom has more information on what the public wants. The phantom can also play cards to sabotage the shows, though doing so may frighten his intended lover. Game play would be a delicate balance of each side giving the other a little bit of what they want, but subtly working to advance their own agendas - thus scoring more points and eventually winning.


  1. This is an interesting concept for a game. I would love to see and play a prototype for this game.

  2. Yeah, this game would be rather different from anything I've played.